Knack college & career planning

Knack enables schools to help their students make sound choices as they chart their future path to education and career. The current tools rely on subjective human judgment and depend on resources (the person’s and the school’s). This perpetuates barriers and bias, and predisposes young people to underperforming their true potential.

Investing a significant portion of one’s early life in schooling and taking on student-loan debt are serious commitments. It can be stressful for anyone, even those who are well prepared and well supported by their strong family structures and networks. But it is way more daunting for those with less support, including first-generation college students, people from poor or low-income homes, or anyone experiencing scarcity and hardship.

The Knack app empowers students to discover their strongest skills and talents that will assist them in achieving academic success, and to identify the most promising education and career paths.

How does it work?