Knack for creating economic opportunity

Millions of people the world over are facing systemic and structural barriers to discovering their talent and fulfilling their potential for education success and gainful work or self-employment.

People living in poverty, people of color, people with disabilities, young girls and women, refugees, displaced individuals and asylum seekers, economic migrants, and others routinely encounter challenges that leave them behind, despite their inherent talent. These barriers prolong cycles of poverty, produce hopelessness and propagate feelings of indignation, and perpetuate sticky socioeconomic gaps.

These barriers are the result of various factors, including—

We are committed to using our technology to bring down these barriers, make the playing field less uneven, and create more equitable access to opportunity. It is our mission to make Knack a gateway to social and economic mobility.

In fact, we think Knack’s mobile games, science, and technology present the most compelling opportunity to make unprecedented worldwide impact—reaching the most people at the lowest imaginable unit cost. Knack’s honest signals of people’s potential are easy to generate and broadcast, are language free and free of bias, and cut through bias and barriers.

Knack can help individuals in the most disadvantaged communities signal their talent and gain access to opportunity. Project Hope is one such example that reinforces our belief that one’s past should not determine her future, and where one is coming from should not limit where he can go.

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Middle school students playing Knack games in Mindanao, Philippines. Photos courtesy Friends of Hope.