Knack for digital economy skill development

An ancient Chinese philosopher said “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”

Equipping people with the skills they need for gainful employment in the digital economy creates a pathway to gainful employment and economic security. Some of these high-demand and well-paying jobs include software development, web design, network administration, tech support, and telecommunication technicians. Skilling not only fosters inclusive economic growth; it can actually alter life trajectories.

While workforce skill development and economic development go hand in hand, large-scale population skilling presents a formidable challenge that Knack's mobile games, science, and technology help solve.

As noted by Accenture, Knack revolutionizes workforce skilling by delivering the following capabilities—

Our pioneering partnership with Tata Strive leads the way in making large-scale workforce skill development not only possible but actually achievable.

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Across a variety of normally distributed Knack competencies, the distribution of scores in this developing student community largely overlap (blue) with the general population. And while there are some domains where more students have weaker scores (red, e.g. Digital Mindset), there are many (e.g. Resilience & Grit) where the students’ score distribution shows a higher share of strongly scoring individuals than the general population (green).