Every student has hidden potential. We’ll help you spot it.

Our vision for the future centers on two core goals: discovering the hidden potential of every student, and advancing that potential to the fullest to enable every individual, regardless of their circumstances, to build and lead meaningful and successful lives. We do so by combining cutting-edge engineering, computational behavioral science, and gaming into a transformative technology platform that solves the critical problems students, schools and society at large face today.

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Reach disadvantaged students
Increase student awareness and confidence
Engage students with education and career planning
Guide students to learning and education pathways
Personalize student learning experiences
Equip students with 21st century skills
Transform college admissions
Hire and nurture high-impact teachers

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The future of what people analytics might mean for new college graduates goes well beyond what is listed on résumés and academic transcripts. It is being built by the likes of a Silicon Valley start-up called Knack, which makes video games for smartphones. Knack’s games are not purely for entertainment, however. They measure the users’ resourcefulness, numerical reasoning and risk-taking.
Jeff Selingo, Author
There is Life After College

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