Knack for government

We’re developing Knack in the market for the benefit of our consumers, customers, and education, government, and social impact partners. We’re grateful for the close relationships with innovative national governments and state agencies, such as the Government of Illinois’ Student Assistance Commission, that seize the incredible opportunity to accelerate impact on employability, employment, livelihoods, and inclusive economic growth. These relationships are invaluable in providing input and ideas that enrich our innovation pipeline and inform our development roadmap for the benefit of the market ecosystem as a whole.



USAID recommends Knack for global youth development

After evaluating nearly 250 tools for measuring soft skills and life skills of youth around the world, USAID concluded that Knack best measures the soft skills most critical for workforce readiness and success in a way that removes prevalent biases—and levels the playing field—for all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, language, or cultural background. Corporation in an economist report

USAID highlighted key elements of the Knack user experience

  • Knack provides youth with a personal assessment of their skills and a connection to job opportunities. It is appropriate for individual use and with a coach or mentor to discuss and improve performance
  • The app provides guidance on how to play the games and provides explanations of the digital skill badges a player gains
  • The app can connect players to relevant job opportunities based on the digital skills badges they earn
  • The app has been translated into multiple languages and has been used throughout the world
  • The app has been tested with workforce as well as educational outcomes
  • The app has been tested on validity and reliability (USAID notes that “many tools lacked evidence of reliability and validity, which are essential to provide confidence in the tools”)