Knack for high-impact teacher recruiting and development

Hiring the most effective teachers is one of the key drivers of education outcomes and student success. Knack enables schools to identify, hire, develop, and retain high-impact teachers who can foster student engagement, development and learning. Teacher retention is important not only for the obvious reasons, but also because research shows that teacher turnover can harm student achievement in the classroom.

But what makes effective teachers? The answer depends on the school environment and particular challenges. While some schools are well-staffed and enjoy from a small number of students per class, others operate on a shoestring budget and are systemically understaffed. Knackā€™s ultimate goal is helping the school identify the teachers who will make high impact that particular school environment: the teachers who are capable of managing whatever challenges are thrown at them in the pursuit of student development and education outcomes.

This is why we leveraged our predictive high potential analytics to help Teach for the Philippines find out the unique traits of their best performing teachers. Using Knack, Teach for the Philippines can proactively identify and recruit university students who have high potential for teaching.

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Photo courtesy Teach for the Philippines