Knack for increasing diversity

Increasing the representation of otherwise underrepresented groups in business and education is not only right; such cognitive diversity also creates unique value. Despite the effort employers and schools make to increase racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, and socioeconomic diversity, making this happen has proven challenging because identity remains a factor that affects humans’ decisions on admissions, hiring, promotion, and compensation.

Knack’s behavioral science and machine-intelligent data analytics provide a novel solution. Knack provides a clear and straightforward solution to increasing diversity in a systematic and scalable fashion—

Paul Graham, the computer scientist and co-founder of start accelerator Y Combinator, said “I can be tricked by anyone who looks like Mark Zuckerberg.” His point not only shows that identity has enormous influence on decisions but, more critically, that decision-makers typically have no “diversity reference points” against which to compare and make a particular decision. In other words, when people say “I know it when I see it”, chances are that when it comes to diversity talent “they can’t tell it when they see it.”

Knack’s behavioral-science-and-machine-intelligence will transform diversity because it helps us see, as well as ignore, what we won’t.

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