Knack for personalized student advising

Selecting a field of study, major, or vocational training that’s best aligned with one’s skills and talents is one of the most critical choices students have to make. Making a sound choice puts the student on the path to fulfilling her potential for success, academically and professionally. Making a poor choice, however, might cause students to switch majors and delay graduation (if they wind up graduating at all), student attrition, and to taking on additional student-loan debt. Not to mention the personal toll and stress.

Moreover, students who lack strong family structures and support or college-going experience at home, including first-generation college students, students from poor or low-income homes, and those experiencing scarcity and hardship, might underestimate their own potential and fail to choose the most promising path (think of it as a self-fulfilling cycle).

Knack introduces the power of games, behavioral science, and machine intelligence to this critical student experience; and enables schools to help their students make sound choices as they map and select their fields of study.

The Knack app is used in many classrooms and schools to engage and advise students. The app empowers students to discover their strongest skills and talents that will assist them in achieving academic success, and to identify the most promising education and career paths. The rich insight provides schools and students alike strong foundations for making sound choices.

How does it work?