Knack for personalized college-to-career transition

College career services, and even professors in their classrooms, are introducing Knack to help their students launch their careers successfully.

Mapping career paths and identifying promising well-aligned job opportunities are some of the most stressful experiences students must navigate as they transition from school to work. Making a sound choice puts the student on a path to fulfilling his potential for professional success; but making a poor choice might lead to switching jobs and companies, to feeling “I am falling behind”, and to personal stress and frustration.

Knack transforms this critical student experience by combining the universal power of games, behavioral science, and predictive data analytics.

The Knack app removes the stress from student career exploration. The app gives students highly personalized career insight, helping them map promising career directions and connect with well-matched jobs. At the same time, Knackalytics enables career services staff to discuss career paths and job opportunities with their students and help them make sound decisions. Introducing Knack is a win-win for students and schools alike.


• • •

“As data analytics become increasingly important in the talent acquisition process, I want our students to have every resource available to differentiate themselves when it comes to job opportunities. Knack is Uberizing the way employers and job seekers connect. Based on opinions of other experts I hold in high regard and anticipating the future mobile usage in the labor market, Knack cannot be ignored as a player in this space now and in the future.”

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Stuart Mease, Executive Director
Student Advancement and Career Services, Virginia Tech


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