Knack for personalized student development

Knack helps students gain insight into the strength of their foundational life skills, including social skills and empathy, critical thinking, grit and resilience, drive and motivation, growth mindset, diligence, and collaboration. That insight, and the effort to develop and grow, is critical to managing life’s challenges and to thriving in the new world of work.

Schools and educators are increasingly using Knack to empower their students’ journey of personal growth and development. The Knack app makes this fun and engaging, and delivers highly personalized insight. At the same time, Knackalytics reports enable schools to focus development sessions and tailor the right interventions.

In the coming weeks, the Knack app will also provide micro-development support and skill-building exercises to help users capitalize on their strongest skills while taking micro-actions to improve on those where they have gaps.

Leveraging the power of games, state of the art behavioral science, and data analytics to build awareness and pinpoint development activities helps students ready themselves for work and better prepare for the demands and responsibilities of professional life.

How does it work?