Knack for predictive culture analytics

Management thinker Peter Drucker said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Using data (instead of our traditional hunches) to identify the predictive behavioral markers of your company’s culture and identifying highly-aligned individuals is essential to the future success of your business.

Knack’s behavioral-science-and-game-based predictive behavioral data analytics makes this longtime enigma one you can now solve easily and quickly with rigorous data-driven insight. Knack data also enables you to hire, onboard, develop, and promote using insight about an individual’s degree of alignment with the company’s current (or target) culture.

In many cases we need to re-examine our current culture and drive it in a completely new direction. As companies set to transform themselves into technology-enabled, data-driven organizations, they inevitably realize they must also shift their culture to a more agile, simpler, collaborative, and customer-focused one that builds on curiosity, open-mindedness, and learning as core properties of its future. At the same time, other companies seek to depart from the command-and-control paradigm and make leadership initiative a foundational element of their future culture.

How does it work?