Knack for predictive digital-talent discovery

Rapid technology-led innovation and disruption sweeping every market and sector challenges companies to transform and reinvent themselves for a technology-enabled, data-driven, mobile future. As companies face the need to transform their operating models and business strategies, their talent base and work models must also change to provide the skills and capabilities the company needs to vigorously execute on its digital transformation strategy.

Some of the more salient changes are completely reshaping companies into an amalgam of traditional, modern, and futuristic modes of work. Increasingly more higher-value work is getting done in teams, and more teams collaborate virtually as their members are distributed across regions, cultures, functional domains, and ethnic and age groups. Fewer employees are co-located, or even work from a traditional brick-and-mortar place. And a greater share of those who apply their talents and skills to advance the company’s goals are not actually employed by the company in the traditional sense, which further blurs the boundaries of the organization.

This new landscape poses enormous challenges—but it also presents unprecedented opportunities to identify people with the new skills sets and talents that will enable the company to leap ahead of the competition and eat up its competitors' market share. Early movers see Knack as a strategic technology that enables them to build the workforce of the future and gain advantage at a time when business and work models are undergoing massive change.

Companies that invest in discovering and developing strong digital talent pools are not only building a strategic asset that enables them to execute on their new strategies, but also stand to reap great rewards.

The digital transformation of business means talent and business strategies are one and the same, and technology is key to both.

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