Knack for predictive high-potential analytics

Twenty percent of your employees and leaders are likely driving eighty percent of your company’s results. What makes these individuals so impactful? Is there a single predictive pattern to their success, or more? Companies and consultants have set their sights on decipher the code to success for a really long time.

Knack brings the engaging and immersive pull of games, state-of-the-art behavioral science, and power of machine intelligence to make this critical problem one you can solve efficiently and effectively using data-driven insight. In fact, using data (instead of our intuitions and biases) to identify the predictive behavioral patterns of potential is critical to the future success of your company—as well as to making your workforce inclusive and diverse.

Here is why. People working in the same environment, pursuing the same goal may still take different paths that lead to ultimate success. Playing to their strengths, they will take the path of least resistance that puts their strongest skills to work.

Data shows high potentials are not all made alike. Identifying and recognizing the behavioral diversity of high potentials is not only key to business success; it’s also critical to building an inclusive and diverse organization.

How does it work?