Knack for predictive teaming

Whether you call them teams, squads, or human pods, small groups of people are the single most critical unit of modern business organizations. We increasingly do our highest value work in teams, and digital technology contributes to accelerating this trend.

Teams increasingly serve more diverse purposes and eat into more business functions and processes. People get on and off teams ever more frequently, and work on many teams in parallel. What makes teams so powerful and valuable is that they bring together people into a shared mind-space to focus on a shared mission and produce superior results.

Strong teams have a specific behavioral makeup. That makeup depends on several factors, including the team's purpose and function, its size and structure, and its mode of collaboration. Knack enables you to build dream-teams that are positioned for successful execution. These teams are not only good for business; people are profoundly social creatures, and that makes them naturally wired for teamwork: we thrive when we're part of a strong team that’s driven by mission and purpose and is well positioned for success.

Companies that leverage predictive data analytics to build the highest impact teams in the shortest amount of time will engage their employees, produce superior results, and gain a huge strategic advantage in the market. Learn more here.

How does it work?