Knack for reducing inequality

Giving people of all walks of life equal opportunity to discover and fulfill their potential for success in education and work is a social and economic imperative. Yet providing true equality of opportunity has proven challenging.

Demand-side decision-makers still rely on outdated “indicators” of potential (such as school rank and credentials) and are influenced by unconscious bias with respect to different groups. On the supply-side, people from disadvantaged groups lack tools to discover opportunities and broadcast their talent to the market in a way that doesn’t rely on inequality-perpetuating “indicators.”

Technology changes that.

Knack’s mobile games, behavioral science, and machine intelligence sets the path to leveling the playing field of economic opportunity, and to programmatically reducing the level of inequality in education and employment.

Demand side

Knack’s science-and-data-driven insights about people’s potential for academic and career success enable schools and employers to—

Supply side

Knack enables communities, cities, and governments to use its technology as the mobile-age gateway to opportunity—

Knack’s signals of human potential enable us to see, as well as ignore, what we otherwise won’t. These signals cut through bias and barriers. We think this sets a new standard that redefines what it means to provide people with equal opportunity.

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Middle school students playing Knack games in Mindanao, Philippines. Photos courtesy Friends of Hope.