Knack research partners

Knack’s technology is deeply rooted in state of the art science and data. As part of our continuous R&D and innovation we collaborate with academic institutions, skill development organizations, and businesses.

As a society, our understanding of human potential has been limited by the tools available to researchers; it has also been focused for the most part on the rich world. We must use our technology to change that.

We know that talent is distributed globally (even though opportunity is not). Future scientists, workers, innovators, teachers and leaders will come from India, China and Africa as much as from the US or Europe. This future behooves us to seek to better understand the diversity and potential of human potential.

Our research collaborations generate new insights and pushes our understanding of human potential and achievement to new frontiers. We share these findings and insights in white papers, peer-reviewed papers, blog posts, and through the general media.

Our research partners include:


Knack is collaborating with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy to study which traits are associated with higher performance in different types of occupations.

NYU Langone Medical Center

Knack and NYU Medical Center’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery collaborated on identifying the predictive behavioral attribute patterns of physician success in surgery. This research project produced a peer-reviewed publication (forthcoming publication).

Teach For All

Knack and Teach For The Philippines, the Philippines affiliate of Teach For All, collaborated to identify the predictive behavioral attribute patterns of high impact teachers in resource-constrained school systems.

A related Accenture report on the digital transformation of workforce skill development highlights the Knack app and its potential to accelerate education outcomes and workforce development of socially and economically disadvantaged populations at scale.

The Rockefeller Foundation

Knack, The Rockefeller Foundation and Incandescent collaborated to identify the potential for high job performance among unemployed 16- to 24-year-olds in New York City and Los Angeles. Read the white paper, Impact Hiring: How Data will Transform Youth Employment and the articles by Judith Rodin and John Irons.

Generation Hope

Knack and Generation Hope collaborated to identify the talent hidden in middle school students in disadvantaged populations in the Philippines. The findings from this project were release in a white paper, The Trillion-Dollars Opportunity: Visibility into Human Potential as a Pathway to Inclusive Growth. This project was selected by Harvard, MasterCard and the World Economic Forum as “a breakthrough idea for fostering inclusive growth.”

Illinois Institute of Technology

Knack is offering summer practicum experience to Master's degree students in Prof. Shlomo Argamon’s data-science program to conduct research into various aspects of Knack’s technology and data.

LeTourneau University

Knack and LeTourneau University collaborate to identify the predictive behavioral attribute patterns of student success in undergraduate programs.

Virginia Tech

Knack and Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business collaborate to identify the predictive skill patterns of high academic achievement in specific STEM majors and programs.

Der Zweig

Knack and Der Zweig partnered to identify hidden talent among Syrian and Iraqi refugees and migrants from other countries, and connect them with job training and employment opportunities in Germany. Read more about this partnership here.

Stiftung Jobführerschein, a corporate citizenship initiative led by PwC, and Joblinge, an initiative led by Boston Consulting Group, use Knack’s mobile app to create access to opportunity and it’s science-and-data-driven technology to change how employers make hiring decisions. Read more about these partnerships here.


Knack and IBM collaborate to identify the predictive behavioral attribute patterns of high performing teams. Read more here.

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

Knack and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation partnered to catalyze the introduction of the Knack technology to connect economically and socially disadvantaged youth with skill development and employment opportunities in India and South Africa, and to identify the behaviors that predict successful skill development and job retention.

Tata Strive

Knack and Tata Strive, the youth skill development arm of Tata Group, partnered to build technology-enabled capacity to train young Indians for employment and entrepreneurship. As part of the partnership, Knack and Tata collaborate to identify the traits and skills that drive successful skill development.

We are forging additional research partnerships that focus on enabling large-scale skill development in developing economies, discovering hidden talent inside organizations, the markers of executive leadership, and the predictors of extreme human performance. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us.