Researchers in various academic institutions are conducting research using Knack games and data. If you are interested in using Knack games and data (at no cost) in your research project, please get in touch. We’re interested in supporting rigorous research that advances the collective understanding of human potential in general and in relationship to education, employment, entrepreneurship, innovation, teams and groups, management and leadership, extreme performance, human potential development, economic development, and the impact of human potential discovery and development on measures of choice, poverty, inequality, and socioeconomic mobility.

Academic articles

White papers

These white papers are the result of two collaborations that focused on discovering hidden talent in socially and economically disadvantaged populations.

Project Hope, in collaboration with Friends of Hope, focused on identifying the hidden potential for academic and career success of disadvantaged middle school students in Mindanao, Philippines.

Project Impact Hiring, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, focused on identifying the hidden potential for career success disconnected youth in the New York City and Los Angeles.

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