Knack for STEM talent pipelines

As demand for skilled STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) talent increases, the economic prospects of cities and their residents becomes largely dependent on their ability to educate, train, and produce a workforce-ready pipeline of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, innovators, and entrepreneurs who can apply knowledge to create solutions for complex problems.

Increasing the number of students who pursue education and careers in these fields, and building a high-throughput pipeline of skilled teachers to teach in these fields, must be a high priority for every city that seeks to maintain (or increase) its competitive position, retain employers and pull new ones, attract new residents and retain graduates, and maintain its tax revenue base.

Knack enables cities to use its mobile app and games to cast a programmatic digital net that discovers high-potential STEM talent among middle and high school students, and to develop a rich talent pipeline that leads these students to education programs in these fields and to related careers.

Indeed, a recent peer-reviewed paper recommends using Knack for discovering and matching aspiring students’ potential for success in Science education and career paths:

“Recent advances in mobile technology and machine learning help identify high potential latent talent with the right set of attributes for academic and professional success.”

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